Stronghold Ops
1437 Bedford St, Abington, MA 02351, United States

Review №1

We had my sons nerf birthday party at Stronghold Ops. The kids have the BEST time!!! Staff was super awesome and I have never seen my son so happy! Great party and the girls working the party were awesome with the kids. I would strongly suggest this place for anyone looking for a great birthday party!!!

Review №2

Overall nice field, community is nice except for the few salty players in the mix. Would recommend, it’s a great place to play and have a wide selection in the pro shop. Very nice staff who are happy to help with your needs.

Review №3

I went there to have my gas shotgun fix and it takes almost 3 months to get it back or get a answer if they can’t fix it or not still to this day I do not have it you shouldn’t say you can do tech work on Guns When your Tech is never in so this place is very bad

Review №4

The customer service at Stronghold is unbelievable. Super friendly and helpful. The front desk people are great and the techs that I met (Mark and John) are very knowledgeable and very helpful. Great place.

Review №5

Visited on 12.29.19 for the first time. Had a really great time. Helpful staff, didnt have a problem with any players. Would come back more often if I didnt live 100 miles away haha.

Review №6

I newly built a polarstar and broke a some piece off the trigger board and no one could figure it out and out comes their tech mark who instantly knew what was wrong and was able to help me swap the trigger board in between games thank you stronghold for hiring the best of the best

Review №7

This place is god awful. Worst airsoft experience I have had. I encourage people reading this to look at the other 1 star reviews and look at the companys reply. They are extremely rude and dont take necessary criticism well. I recommend going to another airsoft facility, the longer drive will be worth it! #weakholdOPSTo reply to your response: Yes I did attend stronghold recently and I am concerned why I am not in your system. I am not looking for a response/ retaliation from you, I am only trying to inform other players and customers who are looking to spend their hard earned money. (That is my motivation). The reason I did not give specifics is because I already referred to “look at other 1 star reviews”, as they already give a detailed reason similar to my complaints with this facility. I hope you see these reviews as constructive criticism rather than slander. Thanks for understanding.

Review №8

Great place to play but unbearably hot during the summer, come during the winter and you can wear all the black gear you want but come April or so forget it, they have fans in the staging area which helps in between games but I just changed into shorts and t shirt 2 games in.

Review №9

Walked in a while back to get my airsoft gun some aesthetic upgrades, and met two refs/techs (Cloudy and Mark). Who at first seemed very professional. I dropped off my gun with all the prices and a couple days later I get a text saying my motor and mosfet were broken on a gun that had never been used before (none of the parts I had them install got even close to the mosfet or motor). More then 1 month later I get a text saying my airsoft gun is done. A week later I go in to pick it up. When I get there I find that the quality of the work done was awful. Many pieces are either loose or dont function as they should. They ended up not charging me for the labor but still charged me for the new parts that should not have been broken. The field was ok although it was unfair for the far side of the field were one team started because there were no spots to run to without getting shot. Refs were good about charging your batterys and giving you the things that you needed but generally awful experience. Would not recommend this place!!!!!

Review №10

Awesome staff and people, very helpful, only had great experiences here

Review №11

It was a good place to get back into airsoft. Unfortunately the other newer players just kinda killed a little of the excitement due to not following the rules or not knowing them.Maybe a good time to go over the rules and what not to do.But overall good place.

Review №12

Went there a few months back, not a huge fan of the set up they have going. My friends goggles fogged up so bad he couldnt see anything. When he went to rub the fog off with his finger, while the goggles are still on, one of the refs yelled at him to get off the field because he took off his goggles. By far one of the most unprofessional places for airsoft Ive been to in a while.A lot of the other staff was super cool, just a few that werent that great.

Review №13

Beat place to play airsoft in New England the staff is very welcoming very easy place to make friends and good for new players with the attached store for gearedit: it makes me really sad to see strong hold shutting down it was a big part of my life i started many friendships there I used to go every Friday with my closest friends and we would have a great time rip the best indoor airsoft field ever

Review №14

I went to stronghold ops quite literally only because my friends offered to pay for me to go. I honestly cant imagine going anywhere else. There was an incident that occurred between myself and another player because they decided to cheat and i wasnt taking that loss. The incident escalated into an altercation. Ive never seen a field handle an incident like this so professionally in my years playing airsoft. They showed how much they truly care about their player base and forever will have my undying loyalty as a player. Its a cqb field for people who really want to play cqb with a staff that genuinely care and honestly make me want to come back every weekend even though there are other fields closer. Thank you for the great day, and thank you for being a good field. I 100% will return as much as possible.Gavin from ERC

Review №15

I went to this field back when it opened in 2014 and just got back into airsoft and went recently. The desk staff was not friendly at all, and gave no direction. The price for all day play was greater than $30 making it the most expensive field Ive been to. I never saw anyone chrono their gun, myself included. The facility is huge but feels so small because they filled the entire field with plywood. Gameplay is crammed and people camp in every corner because they quite honestly have no idea where to go. 3/4 of my team was in the spawn the entire game. All the gamemodes are from call of duty and are completely irrelevant because nobody plays objective. The worst part of this field (main reason Im not returning), is how slow they manage to put on games. I was there for 4 hours and played 5 ten minute games waiting around 20-30 minutes between each game. I liked how the refs sit in a stand above the field watching for people not calling their hits, but for obvious reasons its not completely affective. The refs seemed to let this team of regulars pick teams often heavily lopsided. When a ref told some of them to switch to the other team, they refused and the ref just told some walk on rentals to switch teams to even them out. On to my next point, games didnt feel fun like other fields because so many people are hostile, constantly bickering about calling hits. Go on youtube and watch any stronghold video to see what I mean. Its hilarious. I shot a kid twice who was walking back to his spawn apparently already hit ,and he had the nerve to turn around and scream f you with both fingers in the air. Getting overshot, and friendly fired at this field is inevitable (it has to happen because the field is so tightly set up). I decided it was time to leave when a kid (I think he was a kid) with pink hair threw a fit of rage and forced the ref to end the game early. I never review fields but just felt the need to warn people against this place. Do not recommend.

Review №16

Stronghold Ops is an indoor CQB place located south of Boston. We are a group/community of airsoft players and enthusiasts who travel around New England looking for new experiences. We had heard some great things about Stronghold Ops and we went there at least two or three times as a group. As with most indoor places, Stronghold has both positives and negatives, but we recommend that you try the place out for yourself and see what its like to play at a uniquely designed indoor field.For the positives, Stronghold Ops excels in customer service, enforcement of rules, and general CQB training experience. The personnel at the counter are courteous and the refs are also generally respectful of players needs. In the staging area, the refs will chrono using their own BBs and make sure that players are not using guns that are shooting too hot (one time they had a random on-the-field chrono testing and several individuals were called out). They also enforce strict safety rules. The field itself is small and riddled with structures. The field really trains your level of coordination with your teammates. In order to be able to push up effectively, players need to saturate all the structures and cover all angles since there are many flanking routes around the middle area. One of the benefits of having many structures in an indoor field is that the speedQB style of play is generally discouraged as its easy to get taken out by someone hiding in a corner and covering an angle. That isnt to say that speed is unimportant in this field - there are some excellent spots that offer a great vantage point and its important to grab these spots as soon as possible.As for the negatives, there arent many, but they are prevalent and may make it difficult for some to enjoy the airsoft experience. This isnt exclusive to Stronghold Ops, however, and is mostly a universal indoor CQB kind of issue. First and foremost, there are a few regulars who frequent this place who are known cheaters. The refs are great about handling the situation when you bring it up with them, but its in these players nature to cheat because of their ego. We believe it would also be helpful for the refs to patrol the field more often and keep eyes on problem players, as many members in our group generally agreed that it wasnt an endemic problem but rather exclusive to a few known players. Secondly, having too many players on the field can cause a heavy stomp/spawn camping in favor of one team because every path and flanking route becomes too saturated, especially since Stronghold Ops is a single-level field with no options to go over or under. The refs do a great job of handling this issue - they will occasionally call a mass respawn of the stomping team and give the other team time to push up, which can result in nice comebacks. Its definitely needed for games with many players and its great that the refs are cognizant of the limitations of the field and the inevitable lapses in team balance. The third and final issue to speak of is that the field is very maze-like and a little bit convoluted, and as a result, there is a ton of camping involved. Its very easy to get into a good vantage point and just pick people off as they go by. It is somewhat realistic to real life scenarios, though not as fun to deal with. In addition, the cramped nature of the arena means that friendly fire is unavoidable and the relatively hot FPS limit and short engagement distances result in a day of heavy bleeding and bruising. It can get stressful at times getting shot point blank repeatedly in your tender spots especially for the younger crowd.Overall, Stronghold is enjoyable as a CQB experience as it rewards teamwork, but its not without a few downsides. That being said, we highly recommend that you try the field for yourself. The people who run the place are amicable and enjoy what they do. We enjoyed our time there and didnt let the few issues ruin our experience because the people who run the place make every effort to remedy those issues.

Review №17

My experience was amazing the staff were kind and made me feel welcome

Review №18

Its a fun place with a fun CQB setup. The staff was very friendly. The only problem I had was that the staff did absolutley nothing to curb the HPA users upping their fps to way over the field limit. I mean I was bleeding from some of my wounds and yellow bruises all over. I mean I went with my kids (16 & 13) and now I would never take my kids there again. It looked like they were abused. The place is great but they NEED to do something about regulation on these hpa systems. There are locks and things that other fields use after chronoing the gun to prevent players ramping them up on the field. I have nothing against hpa. Im actually planning on getting an inferno setup. Im against players cheating. And its not even really cheating. Its just pure sadism. I would say if you have kids under 18. Take them to another field.

Review №19

This has been by far the best field Ive been to. The staff here truly care about making everyone have a good, fun time. They were clear with every instruction needed for a great time!

Review №20

I’ve been going to stronghold ops for about 2-3 years now and I absolutely love this place. The only time I can think of a problem occurring with a ref was when the ref was overwhelmed by the amount of people on the field and could not control the game, but right before things got bad, a more experienced ref came in and took control of the game without having to end it. To me that shows the dedication the refs have to keeping the game safe for all players. The players I’ve met have all been really nice people with a few exceptions of people not calling hits, but not everything can be perfect. Another thing that is great about the staff is that after looking at all of these google reviews there is almost always a response to any questions or accusations which really shows the dedication of the manager or whoever is running that google account. This field is a pretty good field and I did like how they changed it around a bit about a year ago. 5/5 all around.

Review №21

Grate staff that loves the sport.

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Review №23

I wish I could put 0 stars on this review. This place needs to be exposed as dangerous

Review №24

I will meet you face-to-face to discuss.

Review №25

Staff was very friendly. Really enjoyed the laser tag. Always have fun here!

Review №26

Great place, friendly people, helpful staff everything you need for a great day of airsoft

Review №27

I have a question are riot shields allowed at this Airsoft field

Review №28

This is the best place to play in all of mass. Great field and even better staff. I love playing here and always will!

Review №29

First off, let me tell you I dont know jack about Airsoft but thats what makes this place so great. My 13 year old son recently started playing and is addicted to this place. Everyone on the staff is easy to talk to and extremely accommodating to any question that might come up (both my questions on what I need to buy and my sons question on how to play - what the rules are, etc.). Even the older, more advanced players are incredibly patient with the newer players and provide awesome guidance and encouragement in a non-patronizing way. You really cant go wrong at this place - best yet its a relatively cheap day even if you need to rent everything. Like any hobby, it gets pricey if you start buying your own gear but youd be hard pressed to find a better value for your money.

Review №30

I was banned from this field for breaking the rules even tho i was never told the rules. On the way home my parents got a call saying what we did and why we were banned. But in the process they lied to cover up what they dint do. They said that we were told that we had a warning but that never happened and they said we were disrespectful to the refs when we never even talked to the refs. We were never got a wavier and or was told the rule. This is a very bad field that tried to cover up what they dint do.

Review №31

This isnt a rate but a question, do you need to have something like a paintball mask or can you use full seal goggles and a mesh mask to play?

Review №32

(10yo Gotcha Ball birthday party) Very friendly staff that cared about making the experience fun for the kids. With laser tag out of order, the kids played gotcha ball, pump-action rubber ball combat in the laser tag arena. The only negative was an issue with the staff trying to figure out how to turn the lights off in the field without affecting the lighting of the airsoft field next door. As a result, there was a lot of on/off/on/off with various staff members milling around during the matches. Even though we werent with a professional group of airsoft patrons, staff still checked in with us to make sure everything was going well, and had fun along with the 10yos.

Review №33

Love this place used to play here when I lived in mass would come back to visit

Review №34

Really fun time at this place, staff is courteous and always clear with whats in the rules and whats not. Its a very reasonable place to visit for some fun.

Review №35

If I could give this place negative stars I would if u go here ur gonna get scammed

Review №36

I play here all the time. This place is great! The owners are a wonderful husband and wife duo. The staff is awesome. Very easy to talk to. The people that go here are extremely honest and always call their hits. I would recommend stronghold to anyone looking for a great time!

Review №37

Great indoor cqb (close quarter battles) airsoft field! Staff are nice, helpful, and have a great attitude. 5/5 Stars

Review №38

Looking to get into airsoft, hows the pro shop selection of guns and equipment?

Review №39

Pretty Good Time! I Went With My Friends For One Of Their Birthday Parties, And I Had A Great Time! But It Was Very Hot In Laser Tag, The Other Things Were Amazing! But Dont Take My Response Too Seriously, Im Only 12

Review №40

Great indoor field. Great easy going staff. Great rental guns. I have played a bit of paintball before but this was my first airsoft experience and the staff and players at Stronghold made it a great one. Everyone was friendly, helpful, and personable. The location is easy to find being on a main route and isnt too far from the highway.The rental guns were top notch with the upgrade to a premium rental. I used a full metal Echo 1 S.O.B. MK5K. The non-premium rentals looked to be G&G combat machines but Im not 100% sure about that. The field is a lot of fun with very diverse cover, structures, and other obstacles. This place is a must see!This price is pretty good in my opinion. The mask rental was $5, the premium gun rental was $25 ($15 for the non-premium), and $25 for the day pass. $25 may seem a bit high but its not considering you can play for 12 hours straight!

Review №41

I have a great time at stronghold the times I go. The owner is very friendly and will help you through the process. He went out of his way to find a peq box for me that I wanted without me even asking. Great place with great people

Review №42

I have a question is there a Airsoft gun shop there???

Review №43

Highly recommend. Considering this is the only indoor Airsoft place in MA, this is great. Decent size. Plenty of gametypes. Solid selection in the retail store. Have pizza and other food available.This definitely will give you the adrenaline rush youre looking for. Wear good protection, 350 FPS can hurt in certain places from 10 feet away... $30 all day if you have your own equipment.Family oriented for sure. Great for ALL ages. That includes you grandma!

Review №44

Love this place!!! I am 13 and have started playing here in the beginning of the summer. Staff are friendly and the people there all ways make you feel welcome. But a lot of my stuff here and if anything breaks it will be taken care of. It is a Wife and Husband run company and are always trying to help and try and make the best experience possible. :) LOVE THIS PLACE ITS LIKE MY SECOND HOME

Review №45

Only been there once, but had a lot of fun. The staff were great & the regulars were pretty cool.

Review №46

Staff and players are very kind, and its always a fun time

Review №47

Really love the people that work here - they are professional, innovative, and always take the time to listen to their customers, whether its to provide help, new equipment, or new styles and modes of play. I always have a great time when I go, and stay much longer than I mean to. You cant go wrong spending a day here!

Review №48

First time I have attended here was about 3 months ago by myself and I was expecting to be the silent in the corner solo but a group of guys took me to showed me the ropes. From the staff to the participants are mostly respectable, nice human beings. There are always people in life that are butt hurt about something so its a given. I have returned multiple time since then, that just says a lot on its own. The staff is very helpful and humors, always trying to have a laugh. Their safety is topnotch and taken very seriously. If OSHA showed up randomly they would pass no problem. There are groups of people that are regulars and know how to play. If your nice ask questions it may help you not get you ass wooped so easily. Over all great experience. Only reason its 4 stars for me is it can be over an hour drive sometimes form my location do to usual MA traffic, by worth the drive!

Review №49

Too many people for laser tag. If you want to play a game with you friends or family while playing together, Id advise going somewhere else. The air soft is very dangerous and they do not supply the gear to be protected. DO NOT COME HERE

Review №50

Best indoor Airsoft arena Ive been to yet, wish a bit closer, but Ill make the trip! I went 3 weeks ago for my bachelor party which was a surprise and man this place is big! Perfect balance of obstacles and long distances and different game types, all in all, it keeps you on your toes! Theres even a boat in the middle of the course! Pretty sick

Review №51

Man, I went there there with nothing but a jacket and pants and I still got all the gear I got. This is my first air-soft field, and Im going here again. The staff is real nice, they showed me the basics. And the store was filled with really good hardware, where Im going to go for my next airsoft gun. The managers was incredibly friendly, and they host special events like giveaways which is great!

Review №52

Excellent place, but staff is mixed. A women that works there can be incredibly rude. Also while rentals are available, there quality is very poor. However, the actual airsoft area is good and most of the regulars are both praticed and willing to play with new people.

Review №53

I came to this field out of desperately wanting to play airsoft while I was up in MA for Christmas break. I figured Id try this indoor field out as the two closer to me were closed for the holidays. Man am I glad they were, this field is great. It was an excellent changeup from the outdoor fields I usually play at. I am an experienced airsofter, and playing here on vacation today was a great time.Price:An expensive field at $30 for an all day sessionStaging:Large room with plenty of tables/work benches. Always a little nerveracking leaving your valuables in a room with so many people but it was very reassuring looking up and seeing multiple cameras. However, no place to sit so unless you want to sit on the table (which is standing height) youre gunna be on your feet all day. Also great to see each and every weapon being chronod and tagged.Field:It is a big warehouse that is filled with plywood houses everywhere. Essentially a plywood maze. I found that there were some major chokepoints where everyone seemed to somehow make their way to, but Ive only been there once and I hear that they change it around very often so maybe it was just that setup (still a great field). They advertise themselves as the biggest indoor field in New England, and it is definitely true. Impressively large field. Lots of action and places to shoot from, very fast paced.Games:I was there from noon-6pm, and we only played 3 game modes: Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Domination. Honestly, Im saying this as a plus because i enjoy the simplicity of them and how theyre all basically team death.Refs:Refs were pretty good. Seemed to be on top of things. Cronod every weapon, enforced barrel bags and ejected mags. However, they seemed unable to control the large crowd and it took FOREVER for them to get games going. Im talking 45 minutes in between games. To be fair, there was at one point a birthday party that would play games after the normal group would, but it still took forever even when they werent there. Walking throughout the staging area there were several occasions where I heard other players complaining about how long it was taking. This is why I docked 1 star. To be clear, the refs were solid competent refs compared to other fields Ive been to, just need to be more efficient in starting games.Players:There was a good mix of players from rentals to HPAs, and everyone seemed like they were having fun. I highly recommend wearing knee pads as the whole floor is concrete. Full seal eye protection is required, and dont forget that barrel bag!. Field FPS limit is 350 w/ .25g bbs.Review:Excellent field with lots of cover and intense close quarter hallways. Good staff, safe, and competitive. I definitely recommend going to this field. My one grievance is how long it took in between games, but It was probably due to the large number of players on that particular day (50+). I will most definitely be returning to this field again.9/10

Review №54

Went their with high Hopes, known for being a large indoor feild. Upon playing it was really hard to have fun because all though its large its super cluttered and almost no clear firing lanes. The whole course is a giant maze. I dont know if it was the day I went but it seems to he packed with regulars that dont call their hits and dont get called out for it by the refs. I did enjoy the variety of game modes they offered though.

Review №55

Not far from where I live which is great. The people who run the storefront are very friendly and helpful with things. Prices there are fair compared to other places and even online website. Always support local business! Refs there are very funny but thorough when it comes to laying down the rules and scanning for cheaters. Players there are fair players too which is nice. So far I love this place and not much negative things to say.

Review №56

A good place to hang out with freinds. The games felt almost real. The owners, the staffs members were really friendly and made us feel like home.

Review №57

I made a review about 4 months ago about here and while I have gone back and the refs do seem to have changed there behavior it still is tough to speak with them due to the fact that they do often give VIP treatment to regulars and while most of the regulars are very nice and conduct themselves in a good manner and help out there fellow players some still take advantage of there friend status with the refs. The field itself is very maze like and could be challenging for new players but i think its a good idea cuz the previous layout did have large sniping lanes but on busier nights it can get congested due to smaller rooms and hallways.PS sorry for calling the refs d*cks but the previous time before I and a group of my friends were tried rudely and I could careless but my friends were new and said the the night was fun the refs were off putting especially because it seemed one of the new refs who be the way was the nicest ref and was to do his job was being heckled by his fellow employees and there regulars which was very upsetting because to me he was doing the best job refing and helping newcomers despite the shortcomings of these employees

Review №58

The staff were very friendly and the arena is incredibly large for an indoor airsoft place. Also the price for the all day pass is very fair, especially considering how nice it is

Review №59

Kids had a BLAST running around! It was great!!

Review №60

Best place for people that don’t know how to play to start and for the advance players as well the regulars are all nice if you need help they will help you as well as the refs and Management it is worth every penny and you will have fun no matter what the new field lay out is insaine. Definitely worth it to try it out for boys girls men women of all ages If you are too young to play airsoft or you are nervous The laser tag also pretty intense as well

Review №61

Im thinking about going there. What can you do there?

Review №62

This place was awesome and the staff were super nice. They helped me out and meet a lot of nice people.

Review №63

Great kid friendly staff my Twin Boys started going last year they love it, a great spot and great staff.

Review №64

Best exercise Ive had in a long time. Cant wait to go back.

Review №65

My team uses this as our winter/indoor field and we love it... the owners are friendly and willing to help any way they can.... thanks to randy for letting the team do some training there as well

Review №66

Excellent Staff, great shop, and an awesome community. The field is good too. Rules on safety are well enforced and the refs are fair.

Review №67

Staff operating the gun store and entrance are incredibly helpful and friendly. The referees were also helpful, however, during the time that I played there , there was a group of people who seemed to be friends with the referees. It was clear that the group of people in question was being favored by the referees. If the referees were more neutral, the field would be amazing.

Review №68

Great and helpful staff. I played Laser tag with my 8 y/o daughter, and we had a blast.

Review №69

Best time i ever had its a good place to bring your family and have a good time

Review №70

Great people, great staff. All around a great experience. Nice field, nice selection at the store. Keep it up!!!!

Review №71

Love the place great staff nice size field and if there are any complaints the are well addressed

Review №72

My 12 year old loves it there ,very relaxed vibe ,friendly .wish the more you played the better deal youd get ,like a rewards system or value packages but I do love that you can drop in anytime !!

Review №73

The service here is great and the indoor field is awesome

Review №74

Awesome place, had a blast! Very friendly staff and there is always someone to help you or if needed. The field is good and very action packed, if you love CQB you will love this field. The only complaint I would have is the rental guns can sometimes jam and are not very accurate, other than that Its an excellent place to play airsoft.

Review №75

Friendly staff and a good field

Review №76

Went to laser tag. Im speechless. It was a great experience, and a great party place.

Review №77

I am very new to airsoft and the staff here were helped me and were incredibly nice along the players, they trusted each other with our replicas and allowed us to use them, one person allowed me to use their Elite Force 1911 tac because my P30 ran outta BBs.A review here says they don’t supply safety gear, this is 100% false because they clearly do and is amazing to hang out with friends.I was a bit picky since the drive was 4 hours since I was farther away then regularly, but still, amazing, as someone who got killed 50000 times got 0 kills, it was still very enjoyable.

Review №78

I called the hotline. And they just let me wait. Then I wait forever and nobody reply me at all.

Review №79

Used to love this place, but with some of the recent changes I am losing that euphoric feeling that I get when I play airsoft. I try to play as much as I can, but between school and work it can be hard. Most times it is worth it to lose a day of work to have fun at stronghold. Although that has recently changed. Last weekend I went to play and unfortunately I was a bit late and arrived at stronghold about an hour after opening. When i entered the loading area I was surprised to see the layout had been changed. This caused there to be no room and moving around the area became frustrating and difficult. I also come to learn that they are now charging for the bands they use to mark teams. Which caused most people to join no bands causing a heavy imbalance. They have added other regulations thaf have made the acrivity more of a chore than an enjoyment. I will still play here, but please make airsoft more fun and remove these unnecessary regulations. Sincerely an avid fan.

Review №80

I would never recommend this place for any airsoft players to start off I was told at least 3 times you need a gun bag you can’t even see the place from the road who would call the cops on someone that is there to do the exact same thing the staff was ok prices for games are not worth it I can go play at a bigger field for 20 or 25$ and prices for other items are very outrageous as well the drive is to far at least an hour from where I am I will never go back to this place

Review №81

This field Is horrible. There is not good spots and your exposed almost everywhere. The management is horrible and never told me any rules. I would never go back.

Review №82

Definitely recommend this for first timers, I just went today and had so much fun, the staff are very nice and the prices are fair.

Review №83

All of the staff members are great and they keep the place looking great

Review №84

A fun time if u like guns

Review №85

This place is great, agreeable one of the best airsoft places you can go to, by the way I am here right now, in the back left corner of staging.

Review №86

Peak performance here at stronghold especially with the new owner, Keep up the great work!!!

Review №87

Riot of a good time, but only one field

Review №88

Great place great staff great service friendly environment just a absolutely amazing place

Review №89

This place right of the bat felt different the staff here can help you with a lot of problems you wish to ask and they are very funny.Also there honor system is very good everyone calls there hits and no fights so for happens since February . If you new to airsoft this is were I would start!

Review №90

Went here on daytrip to get Christmas presents for my son who wanted airsoft stuff...very friendly people and knowledgeable..never played at the indoor field but it looked great

Review №91

The Wipeout/Gravity course has since been closed and now it is known as Stronghold Airsoft under the same management. Ill give you the short version:The issue is that many friends and I were convinced by the owner to pool our purchases of passes together so that we could perhaps take advantage of a private party at the wipeout course. Each time we showed up the course was incomplete and we were advised to check back later. Eventually, we came to see if it was done and one day it was completely shut down. I reached out to the owner for a refund and he instructed me to provide my receipt and he would issue a check. His requested documentation plus e-mail chain from the owner was provided within 24 hours. When no check arrived I inquired again and no one would return my calls or my e-mails. Finally, I was able to catch someone on the phone and they promised to have a check issues with their month end batch process. Months had come and gone and no check. I again have been trying to reach out to them and no response whatsoever. Their phones have been down for months so you cant call them. They wont give you the phone number for the owner. They also wont respond to e-mails. Ive also placed a tracker on the emails to see if theyve been read and each has been opened but not responded to. The customer service in this instance is terrible, uncooperative and disrespectful. If you never have an issue with them youll be fine as my initial interactions with the staff and the owner were pleasant but as soon as I ask for a refund Im turned away and ignored.Just be careful everyone.

Review №92

It was Amazing!!! Perfect party for a nine year old!! Thank you so much!!

Review №93

Nice course. Reasonable price.

Review №94

4+ hours wait for the VIP line (that you pay double for so you can skip the line). To speed things up they cut the 15 zombie experience to 8 minutes without offering discounts or anything. Avoid unless you like lines.. makes me think of south parks the line ride a ride that gives you the experience of waiting in line

Review №95

Awesome place to take the kids and have some fun

Review №96

This place is really really fun the staff are so friendly and love to chat the players are honest and outgoing the field itself is very large and is packed with adrenaline pumping action there rentals if you need them are very good quality guns and they unlike other fields let you have unlimited ammo with rentals. This was also the first place I ever went airsofting and since then Ive been to one other place and stronghold out does that place by a lot there staging area is good sized but could use a bit more space but it will do for a while this place also has a really good variety of game types like search and destroy, king of the hill, team deathmatch, VIP, capture the flag etc. Thats why I like this field its definitely a must go if you like airsoft

Review №97

Great place to play, very organized.

Review №98

All the bad reviews are from the old owners who did a special haunted house type event around Halloween. Thier main business (an airsoft field) is amazing and always getting better.

Review №99

It was ok an a comfortable car, great ac and great music

Review №100

Great place, the guys working there are the best!

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  • Address:1437 Bedford St, Abington, MA 02351, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 781-878-8955
  • Recreation center
  • Airsoft supply store
  • Dance club
  • Event venue
  • Food court
  • Function room facility
  • Karaoke
  • Laser tag center
  • Playgroup
  • Training centre
Working hours
  • Monday:2–5pm
  • Tuesday:Closed
  • Wednesday:Closed
  • Thursday:Closed
  • Friday:Closed
  • Saturday:Closed
  • Sunday:5–8pm
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Veteran-led:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
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